DURA-SEAL Fabric Protection

DURA-SEAL Fabric Protector penetrates and surrounds the fibres creating an invisible barrier that protects your fabric or carpets from spills and stains for a lifetime. This product has been specifically manufactured for the motor vehicle industry.

Product features:

  • Helps protect against everyday soiling
  • Prevents spills from permanently staining your fabric or carpets.
  • Helps the vehicles upholstery retain its new look for longer.
  • Saves time by making the vehicles interior fabrics easy to clean.
  • Odour free, non-allergenic and child safe.
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership.

DURA-SEAL Leather Protection

Dura-Seal Leather Care products are specifically designed to follow the leather care guidelines recommended by leather manufacturers worldwide.

Products features:

  • Precents leather from ageing prematurely.
  • Stops cracking and helps retain suppleness.
  • Removes and protects against everyday soiling and spills.
  • Service warranty to take care of accidental damage such as Cuts, Scratches, Burns and Ballpoint Ink.
  • Save you time cleaning your leather upholstery.
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership.

DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protection

DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protection provides the most up to date paint protection technology for your new vehicle. You will never have to wax or polish your vehicle again. DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protection forms a durable scratch reducing finish which bonds permanently to your vehicle’s clear coat.

By forming an invisible barrier between the paintwork and the elements, DURA-SEAL Ceramic Paint Protection protects your vehicle’s paintwork against the harsh effects and damage caused by acid rain, sea salt, bird droppings, tree sap and reduces the effect of UV rays by helping to keep the automotive clear coat intact.

Product features include:

  • Your vehicle is easy to wash.
  • Protection against bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain and many other contaminates.
  • No need to wax or polish your vehicle.
  • Environmentally friendly: contains no harsh wash products and no conservers required.
  • Recognised by many insurance companies.
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime of ownership.

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