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Awards and Testimonials

We are proud to have had our customer service acknowledged throughout the years. Our ongoing commitment to exceed expectations is what drives us to succeed and it's this philosophy which has resulted in the following awards and testimonials from our customers: 

Awards we have won include:

  • 2016 Ford Distinguished Achievement Award
  • 2016 Ford Service Manager's Excellence Award
  • 2016 Ford Quality Care Service Award
  • 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Ford Parts Purchasing
  • 2012 Metro Dealership of the Year
  • MTA 2010/11 Regional Award - Supreme Regional Franchise Dealer
  • 2010 Ford Distinguished Achievement Award
  • 2009 Ford President's Award
  • 2009 Supreme Mazda Dealer of the Year
  • MTA 2008/09 Regional Award - Supreme Regional Franchise Dealer
  • 2008/09 Regional MTA Awards - Wellington Franchise Dealer Award
  • Mazda Dealer of the Year 2006
  • Supreme Mazda Dealer of the Year 2000


"Hi Tim, We wish to thank you for providing such a pleasant experience in the purchase of our new car. Right from the first time we met you to take the car for a test drive you answered all our questions, covered all the features of the car, most importantly you did not  apply any pressure on us to buy.  That alone was almost sufficient for us to make up our minds up with going ahead even before we test drove another car that we were considering. The payment arrangements were effortless. The icing on the cake was when we picked up the car. You made us feel very special even though our purchase was at the lower end of your model range. The reveal was unbelievable!!!. We appreciated you showing us where to go to get the car serviced. Thank you Tim for your honesty and professionalism in creating such a pleasant experience and your phone call a few days later to ask if we had any further questions. We couldn’t be more happier with  our new Mazda 2. Most impressed with all aspects of the car. We love all those new extra features. We look forward to our new relationship with Capital City Mazda." Mazda 2 buyers - John and Diane


"Hi Thomas, I just wanted to express my great appreciation and sincere thanks for a very reassuring and enjoyable car buying experience. You and the rest of the team at Capital City Motors have been easy to deal, reasonable and very professional. You, in particular, were a large factor in me deciding to buy the car from Capital City Motors. You built my trust and confidence in you from our first meeting and this made doing business with you worry free. On our first meeting to discuss what I was looking for I found your friendly, knowledgeable and helpful approach superb in helping me to consider whether the car you showed me was what I was looking for. You answered all of my questions, arranged the test drive very efficiently and gave me space to think things through afterwards. You were open and reasonable in reaching an agreement which meant we both were happy with the deal struck. Delivery of the car was swift, met my expectations and you were very thorough and helpful in explaining everything to me before I took it away, leaving me with the reassurance that we can get in touch at any time with follow up questions that you will help with. Thank you very much. A car is a big and important purchase, especially when you are buying it for your son as I was, and you made the experience an easy and reassuring one. This was the second time I have bought a car from Capital City Motors in the last year and the second very good experience I have had. I will be coming back to Capital City Motors as my first call for when I buy another car in the future". Mike


"Hi there, I wanted to inform that my husband and I have been very impressed with the service we have had from your company. We recently bought a ute and had trouble with a window that leaked and wouldn't lock. Gwilym went out of his way to look after us and make sure that our ute was fixed with no fuss. I found him to be friendly, polite, helpful, understanding and incredibly accommodating. With both my husband and I working, getting into town was difficult and he sorted an easier pick up and loan car. This has made it a lot easier for us and we really appreciate that. He even bought me a coffee after a stressful journey in traffic! People are very quick to jump in and complain but not so good at recognising exemplary service. Gwilym is obviously an asset to your company and we wanted to let you know about our experience. He went above and beyond to make this a hassle free process." Ford Ranger buyer - Lisa  


"Capital City Ford absolutely blew the other dealers out of the water when I was trying to trade my car and upgrade to a ute. Thomas was knowledgable and a good listener, and he sincerely wanted to help me match the right vehicle to my needs and get a fair trade. He was always concious of my limited time, and always came up with ways to make the process easy. I also appreciated Capital City's embracing of technology to make test driving a vehicle quick and easy, and make purchasing rapid and painless too. The process became a pleasure, whereas it had been very frustrating at the car yards I tried prior. I will highly recommend this dealership to friends and family in the future." Ford Ranger Wildtrack buyer - Glen


"I would like to thank Rolf van Dalen for his assistance in my recent purchase of a Ford Fiesta. I had been to a few car dealers and felt very pressured to buy cars that were “amazing deals that won’t last the day”.  Amazing deals seeming to equate to the car I just happened to be viewing at the time. I never once felt this pressure from Rolf, and appreciated his patience as I tested it more thoroughly than any car! There was never any doubt in my mind I would buy from Rolf due to his free and frank manner, and his knowledge about the vehicles.  Honesty goes a long way! Thanks Rolf, your help was very much appreciated and I am enjoying the car." Ford Fiesta buyer - Marie


"I just wanted to give some feedback in regards to our latest purchase at Capital City Motors.  We had the pleasure of having Thomas help us through the process. I would firstly like to say, I had pretty much given up any hope of finding a dealer who would make the process of buying a car enjoyable! Capital City Motors provided an environment where the process was simple, straight forward and open, making buying a new car the enjoyable experience that it should be. Thomas listened to what I had to say, explained the cars features perfectly and was genuine in the service he was providing. The handover was seamless and everything he promised he delivered. There were no hidden agendas just a guy doing his job and doing it incredibly well. Capital City Motors and Thomas are now on my referral list for friends and family. Thanks for restoring my faith in the industry." Donna


"When looking to purchase a new vehicle recently we did not have any particular make in mind and visited six dealers including another Mazda dealer. We cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism of Tim Surgenor and the other new Mazda car sales staff at Capital City Mazda in Wellington. He was friendly, welcoming, and actively listened to what it was we were seeking in the motor vehicle. He answered all our technical questions and demonstrated all the features of the car. There was no pressure put on us. Having decided to buy a Mazda, the decision as to which dealer to use was a no brainer. Subsequent to the purchase, the after sales service has been superb with Capital City Mazda staff following up with us to see whether we had any concerns. Because of the way were treated when purchasing the new car, when wanting to purchase a second hand car we had no hesitation in using Capital City Mazda again. The service we received from the second hand car sales staff was of the same high quality as for the new car". Mazda buyer - David Burrage


"I want to record my sincere appreciation and at the same time provide you with positive customer feedback on the service that both my wife and I have experienced recently. We are delighted with our CX-5 and I can’t recall enjoying a vehicle as much since I owned a Toyota Corolla hatchback GLXI. However, I wanted to particularly highlight the experience we have had with one of your service staff, Mr Chas Forster. I have in the past dropped my car in for servicing and I have always been received by Chas in a very positive and helpful way. My wife was consoled and assisted by Chas who took complete control and arranged for us to enjoy the benefits of a loan vehicle for at least 2 weeks while ours was being repaired. It is this particular encounter that my wife recalls with Chas that I want to acknowledge him for and bring to your attention.  So I would appreciate it if you would pass on my congratulations and appreciation to Chas for a job very well done." Service customer - Derek


"It was when we dropped our Mazda in for a service that we first came across Stephen Mills. We had heard of the pending release of the new Mazda 3 but the vehicle had not at that stage reached the showroom floor. The Service person suggested we have a chat with Stephen, who then took us to view some Mazda 3’s that had just arrived off the transporter. We chatted to Stephen about what we were looking for in a new car. A short time later, Stephen gave us a call when he had a car of our model and colour choice to show us. We liked the way Stephen paid close attention to our circumstances and preferences. He knew the product well, spoke knowledgeably of Mazda’s position in the market place and we soon gained confidence in him. Having been thrilled with the Mazda 3 we purchased from him, we recently returned to also purchase the latest Mazda 2. In our dealings with Stephen we found him to be friendly and professional, a characteristic that we have come to appreciate in most of the Capital City Motors staff that we have dealt with". Graham and Cynthia - Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 buyers


"I recently had my Mazda 6 serviced and wanted to say how impressed I was with the level of service my car and I received. It was top notch! James Baker welcomed me and really looked after me. I got dropped off to work, arranged a pick-up and the car was returned looking really sharp (even with a new battery!). Thanks team - I loved this service experience! Well done." Service customer - Steve Roughan


"I want to compliment the Capital City Mazda team on their excellent Customer Service, employees, Aaron Hoare, Wayne Wright and in particular Jared Fox.  Jared went to great lengths to help me and my wife when we were looking for our new car. We initially went to another dealer in Wellington given it was the local dealership for us and we had also purchased a new Mazda from there before. Although we test drove the car from there, we didn’t really feel that we got the outcome we wanted and actually felt a little pressured into buying the car then and there, so we decided to pop into your dealership and was the best move we made. Right from the start Jared made us feel comfortable and took us through the options offered us a test drive and at no time pressured us into buying the car, he also put a package together for us to look over in our own time and got us a better price for the trade-in to that of the other dealership we went to. Again, when we made the decision to get our new Mazda 3 SP25 and went to see him, he took us through all the paper work and ordered our car whilst in his office and made sure we were comfortable with payments etc. He introduced us to Wayne and he then took us through all the financial part and our pre-requisites, he too made us feel comfortable and gave us all the information we needed. Aaron took over when Jared was away, he kept us up to date on the progress of delivery of the car and was very apologetic for the delay in its transportation. The day came and we came into pick the car up, to Geraldine’s delight there was a stand with both her and my name on it ‘Congratulating both of us on the purchase of our new car’. The icing on the cake was the unveiling of the car from its cover, it was a brilliant touch and one that we have both commented on to others several times now. From our initial meeting seeing your Service staff and follow up phone calls, we have been both truly impressed with the customer service and the set up thus far. We look forward to a long and trusted relationship with your dealership as we bring our car in for its regular maintenance and we both will recommend it to our friends and colleagues". Mazda 3 buyers - David and Geraldine Bruin